June 2013: Week 1

Even though week one was only 27 days ago, it feels like an eternity (the sedation from having my tooth taken out at the weekend has lost me at least 3 days). 

To jog my memory, I decided to consult the free family 'Gruffalo' planner that I got   avec Axel Scheffler inspired stickers (which make the craziest of weeks seem jolly) just to see if anything came back. 

Seriously, this past month has made me feel like Hans Solo in 'The Empire Strikes Back' when he is incarcerated in carbonite and makes a scary but interesting post-modern wall hanging in Jabba the Hut's palace. 

I too have had that pained look on poor Hans' face and felt shivery and blind when I finally come to. Except in this instance, I haven't woken up into the arms of a faux bounty hunter; no, generally, I wake up to being jumped on and attacked by my wee ones which I whole-heartedly prefer :-) 

Week One began extremely well because on the 1st June we held a Cath Kidston-esque/high tea inspired, surprise baby shower for my good pal and fellow Manc living in Suffolk, Lisa. 

Lots of frivolity ensued as we prepared to change our back garden into something that remotely resembled The Dorchester. Ok, a little ambitious but the bad weather worked in our favour as we all ended up huddled around the patio heater eating cakes and finger-sandwiches; drinking tea, Pimms and Prosecco (for the non-pregnant women; we wanted it to feel like The Dorchester and not The Jeremy Kyle show).

Party games and pressie opening capped off a fine afternoon. Even though we had to drag guests from the street so that Lisa didn't see them before she arrived, our covert operation had successfully worked. 

It may not have looked liked The Dorchester but who cares? We wouldn't have been able to play games such as, "Spit the Dummy" at that great London hotel and where would the fun in that be?