June 2013: Week 2

I suppose Week 2 can best be described as the week where the carbonite set in; everything from this week onwards is pretty blurry.

Having consulted 'The Gruffalo' family planner, I see that we went camping at the beginning of the week with friends of ours and I recall that this was a very happy experience. Looking at photos to confirm what happened 3 weeks ago, it is clear that James and Bethan are in their element when we go camping.

Although we seem to have taken 2 steps forward and 1 back with James as sleeping when we are camping is a problem; in that he doesn't.

When our little night owl is up and my arse is frozen like glue to the floor because our over-priced air bed deflates (always on my side. Should I be paranoid about my big arse causing the problem? If so, unlike the air bed, it doesn't come with a receipt so I can't return it. Unfortunately.),glamping doesn't seem glamorous and the comfort of my own bed beckons.

I recall, somehow, that the beginning of the week was somewhat hazy because of this lack of sleep. 

However, the epi-centre of my memory mistiness comes from the Tuesday of that week when we finally received the 'call'. In teacher-speak that means, 'Holy crap! Armageddon is about to begin as human clipboards come and see how good we are. Ahem. 

Yes, June 2013, Week 2 has a lot to answer for in terms of how inefficient my working memory was. Let's put it like this. A goldfish has more chance of recollecting what it did after a frantic lap of the bowl than I have of what happened the rest of the week.

The only thing I can remember is bring observed and saying something along these lines to the kids at the end of the lesson, "You'd better of learned something, otherwise I will need to get a new job". 

Clipboard Lady - 1
Me - 0

Note to self: Definitely need to consider getting a new job that involves using a clipboard.