Monday 17th June 2013: Where on earth has the time gone?... somehow it's gone past the middle of the month and I have written diddly squat for 17+3 days which is 20 days which is nearly 3 weeks!!! (Carol Vorderman has no worries about her day job; clearly).

There is only one way to describe the severe lapse of cathartic writing and that is via the mode of a diagram: (Please see Fig.1 below):

Diagrams! Mr HMI. Sted loves them - especially Pivot Tables (I once again reiterate me+maths/diagrams=BIG Mess).

There is only one way to get through the information from June and that is by splitting the following entries into weeks rather than days because a) I have forgotten most of it (although I have a vague recollection that I remembered getting incensed with seeing Katie Hopkins sofa twice in one week) and b) If I was to write what has happened in this most eventful month, my Blog page would probably resemble the length of the Magna Carta and we know what a riveting read that is.

Here goes...