Thursday 7th February 2013

The dreaded lurgy has hit chez Hillier again - we keep passing it to each other like a stick of dynamite as if to say, "I don't want it, have it back!". No voices have been lost this time but the four of us sound like we've smoked 20 Woodbines in one sitting.

Running out of ideas fast as to how to create damage limitation so that we can break the lurgy cycle. At this point in time, we will try anything as we have already gone through the staples such as: Calpol, Calbufren, Junior Olbas Oil, Hot Toddies (for the adults), Vicks, Karvol (capsules and plug-in), Calpol Plug-In, Steamy bath, ginger...the list is endless. I relented and looked to see what other Alpha Mum's are doing on an Alpha-Type Mum website and among the whole range of remedies, herbal and pharmaceutical, somebody mentioned a Humidifier. We are so desperate that we feel we have already become share-holders in the respective children's medicine companies, so we have forked out 80 quid (please don't laugh) on what can only be described as a big tank of cold water that then lets out cold air. They do provide you with a medicated pad to put in but they only last 8 hours. We have searched high and low for refills but they are all bloody sold out! This makes me feel a little bit better as I know I'm not the only person who has resorted to buying a cold water tank for £80 to help us all breathe a little better.

When I told my mum our latest plan she said, 'Oooo, I'd love one of them!".

"Really?", I asked puzzled as the 1930's house I was brought up in has plenty of air in it as opposed to this 2013 Barratts House that is so well insulated I understand how a beef joint must feel when it's in the oven. We are the only house on the estate that insists on having the windows open in the Winter.

"Oh yes", she replied, "Carol the Cleaner, from the Club, has one and she says it's magic".

"Oh that sounds positive", suddenly I am not feeling so stupid at our purchase.

"Yeah, she says it's fantastic for drying your washing".

Suddenly the misty veil that has been this conversation lifts.

"I think you mean a de-humidifier mam" I tell her.

"What's the difference?" she asks, shocked.

"Well one puts cold air in the room to help you breathe and the other helps to get rid of the condensation in your bay window".

"Well I never" she says "You learn something everyday".

To be fair, I said this as if I had always known the difference when actually I had no idea until I Googled it prior to reserving it on Argos.

Only time will tell if this humidifier has been worth it but for the moment we are sharing it as there is no way we could afford to have one in every room. We have to ascertain each day which of the four of us is feeling the crappest and that bedroom gets to keep it.


Question to self, "Why do I insist on sterilising everything when I found the door stop to the lounge in James' mouth today as well as him crawling and then falling onto the cat's tail?".