Saturday 9th February 2013

Bethan is like the Queen...she gets two birthdays!

We had her party today at the local soft play company (named after a 1950's board game) and considering we've been plagued with illness and had a certain amount of worry with regards to the competence of the aforementioned company, it went extremely well. Even the 16 year old Party Hostess wasn't too bad. No Fizbo the Clown but still she managed to stop the CD at the right time and cut the cake perfectly. It's a shame Rob didn't realise that the party bags were named and had gender specific toys in them when he handed them out, but then again, who cares?

The main thing was all of the children seemed to have lots of fun and enjoyed eating the party food and cake. Although we still have to explain to Bethan the rules behind pass the parcel as she still insists on holding the parcel when she gets it and the music stops!

It was really lovely to see everybody and my gorgeous girl had a fantastic time.

She partied hard and then crashed out on the sofa whilst watching Toy Story 2 (again!).