Tuesday 12th February 2013

I've given in and decided to take the second lot of antibiotics that I have been prescribed since January 1st (note to self: maybe I need to state on next year's New Year's Resolution List that I need to try to limit the number of antibiotics taken to 1 dose, before the end of February).

It's not my Roman Catholic sympathies that make me want to suffer without the aid of medication. No, it is a report that came out by Dame Sally Davies last week which said "there was risk that within 20 years people going for simple operations would die of routine infections because we may ‘run out of antibiotics’ that work.

The Daily Whale (sorry Mail) put their spin on the report by gleefully basking in what they described as an 'apocalyptic scenario'. I'm not sure what is more shocking; the headline or the fact I was reading The Daily Whale (sorry Mail). Apparently, "Penicillin is no longer effective for staphylococcal wound infections, ampicillin (a form of penicillin) is no longer used for infections of the urinary tract and ciprofloxacin (a synthetic antibiotic) is now useless in treating gonorrhoea. Many more are under threat". Now, I'm not sure what all of that means but it doesn't sound too good to me.

Between exhausting coughing fits, I recited this to Rob. He in turn tried to reassure me that I wasn't becoming 'allergic' to antibiotics and he would be extremely worried if I suffered from the list of infections stated in Dame Sally Davies' list; especially the last one.

He's right.

I'm in no position to be mulling this over in my weakened state. I have two very young children who need a mum who can run around and look after them; not a woman who sounds like she smoked twenty fags by the time she gets to the bathroom (the downstairs one). I've realised that being a mum is a full-time job that doesn't allow for any sick days so you just need to get the help where you can. I just hope in 20 years that I don't get any "staphylococcal wound infections...(or) infections of the urinary tract" otherwise, I'm buggered!

I often think that this bitterly cold weather isn't helping either. I was watching my second favourite programme, 'ITV Weather', (a close second behind 'Home and Away'), which rouses more anger in me than a debate on the Welfare State in The House of Commons. However, I am shocked that the ITV Weather programme is now sponsored by 'Seven Seas Vitamins: How to get Pregnant'. I mean, how random a sponsorship is that? I would understand if, at this time of year, it was 'Seven Seas Vitamins: How to get rid of your Bloody Cold", but helping you to get pregnant?

Maybe people look at the weather report and figure that they can't go out anywhere because the weather is too crap and decide that they might try for a baby instead. I'm not entirely sure they do but I am really trying to get inside the head of a top ITV executive there.

Thank God it isn't a sponsor of The Jeremy Kyle Show. Every cloud and all that...