Friday 19th July 2013

I think the word is 'vindicated'.

For months I have blogged about Katie Hopkins and her public outbursts that make her either a) a narcissist or b) a complete snob. Finally, however, it seems the rest of the world has cottoned on and our outrage has been personified by the unlikely heroine that is...Holly Willoughby

I refuse to dedicate too much more of my blog time to this woman, however, I feel the need to share a couple of recent Hopkins' Outbursts so that you can chortle at this modern-day Winnie the Shrew.

Story One: According to Hopkins, "ginger babies are harder to love" 

Story Two: According to Hopkins, the acclaimed linguist, "If you have a Northern accent you sound more stupid".

That's me buggered then.


It's my 35th birthday tomorrow and my leaving do tonight. The big question is... Will I finally get my Cath Kidston bag???

The other big question is, will I be sober enough to recognise the difference between a CK bag and an Aldi carrier?