Thursday 24th January 2013

Back from Paris to...a house that is being decorated. Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous.

Twenty four hours ago I was sitting next to my mum on the Eurostar, first class (how we managed that, I don't know), eating a free civilised meal with wine. Now I am living between two bedrooms eating cracker breads on the floor with the kids.

It's official - my mum is a true Alpha Mum. Prior to the trip I scoffed at the idea of her packing six hot cross buns from Blighty. Even my dad was upset but not for the same reasons as me. It was because she had bought the hot cross buns and it's not even Lent or Easter.

However, I was literally scoffing the hot cross buns on each of the three mornings with my lovely cup of tea (tea bags and ceramic tea cups brought from Manchester). We saved ourselves a fortune at the hotel so we could enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day.

We had a beautiful time together and although I missed the kids terribly, it was really important that we spent the time together. We also had a right laugh, reminisced and I learned so much about my own Grandma Alice who died when my own mum was just 23. As expected, we also caused complete chaos wherever we went (too many anecdotes but too tired to relay!). We enjoyed the sites, the food and the wine.

She even bought a bag from the Cath Kidston shop at St Pancras ;-)

As I was saying, the ultimate Alpha Mum!!