Sunday 20th January 2013

I'm currently sat on a train where it is unnervingly quiet. There is no "I want...I want...I" Or no "mama mama mama" - just the squeaking of this Greater Anglia Inter City Train.

24 hours earlier was quite the opposite. Chaos ruled in chez Hillier. I spent most of the day cleaning, food shopping and then finally late last night, packing. Oh and checking train services because according to the BBC Armageddon has arrived as we have had a dusting of snow. They actually did a special bulletin programme on Friday evening called "Britain - in the snow". Crikey, what genius came up with that original title.

Thankfully the taxi driver this morning didn't judge me and even encouraged me to enjoy this bit of respite. During the 10 minute journey to the train station I managed to prace my life story to justify this trip with my mum. By the time we pulled up at the station I was giving him tissues and TLC to comfort his weeping.

Just had a text from my mum saying that she is on the train in Manchester. My mum has packed, amongst other things:

Tea Bags
A pack of four hot cross buns
Four mini bottles of red wine

I did assure her that there was food and drink in Paris but she insisted. On the bright side that means if we were to break down in the snow at least we would have supplies. Maybe we would have to find a way to boil the snow to make a cup of tea, but at least we would be drunk doing it. Hopefully I would get 3G on my phone so that I could google Bear Grylls and see what he would do in a similar situation.

Feel really guilty about leaving my gorgeous wee family but I also can't wait to see my mum either.

A tres bientot! xxx