December 11th 2012

On Lorraine this morning the headline was: "The Parents who are breaking the taboo and saying they are disappointed with the sex of their child"

What on earth is that all about?

Some 'Parenting Author' has three boys, "It was really important to me to have a girl" and guess what, baby number 4 was...a girl. "I kept saying it was fine if I had another boy but really I would have been really sad".

"For example, boys' pyjamas are all made of nylon and have Thomas the Tank engine on whereas girls' pyjamas are all pretty and frilly; it's like having a doll".

This woman is a "Parenting Author" and people turn to her for advice. Enough said.

Fortunately there was a normal woman on the sofa, a broadcaster who is 16 weeks pregnant and said, 'Honesty is great (aimed at the Parenting Author) but I'm 35 and my pals are really struggling to have children so really I'm just blessed to be having a baby and normal pregnancy'

Amen to that.

Maybe I feel strongly about this because of my own journey to having my two wee ones and maybe it's because at three days old my daughter had more tubes and monitors on her/in her than any adult could bear with such bravery; but the one thing that pisses me more than anything when people hear my story is their predictable response of...

"You're so lucky to have a boy and a girl".

My head implodes. I'm lucky to have two beautiful children who are alive and well.

How's that for honesty?

Rant over.