Wednesday 24th April 2013

Just seen on my Twitter feed that Cath Kidston (the product, not the actual woman) is 20 today.

Hmmm, I am hoping that if I hint enough to Rob about my infatuation with oil cloth red polka dot satchels, cross-overs and totes that I won't have to wait another 20 years to finally be in receipt of one of her bags.

If, indeed, Cath Kidston did do something along the lines of oil cloth headphones, USB cables, power sockets, computing hardware or anything of a technological ilk, I'm sure that I would only have to wait 20 minutes for him to order something from her website.

In other news...

I handed in my notice today. Yikes!

Mr and Mrs Cameron-Clegg will be pleased as another casualty of this coalition government will receive her P45 and want to claim her masters of the universal benefit whilst watching Jeremy Kyle and letting the kids make their own breakfast.

Too much?

I'm starting to sound like Ben Elton in the 80s and look at how his career has flourished (ahem, nervous cough).