Thursday 4th April 2013

There's no way you can get into our downstairs loo; it makes The Krypton Factor assault course look like the baby section in Snakes and Ladders. It's fully of buggies of various descriptions that won't fit anywhere else especially since I've gone back to work and the boot of my car looks like a mobile classroom.

This means that we are having to rely on using the toilet on the middle floor and it made me realise just how lazy I had become as I'm saying to myself, "I need to go upstairs for a wee and I can't be arsed" (To be fair, when I use the downstairs loo it means that I can keep a watchful eye on what is happening in the living room because as soon as my back is turned, usually one child teases the other). Ho hum.

Suddenly, as my random train of thought began meandering to the upstairs loo I started to think about how having one toilet between 7 of us when we were growing up never posed a problem at all. Then, I got to thinking even further back about when my mam lived in a two up and two down and the toilet was outside in the back yard. Finally, it got me thinking about some of the lesser developed countries that I have been to and worked in where I've had to do some things so that I can have a wee that makes Glamping in this country look like the bloody Hilton!

I was going to discuss the trouble with buggies in this blog entry but now my train of thought is going right out of the window; I mean, are we on the brink of nuclear war? No one will want to buy a second-hand i-Candy pram then will they?

Crikey! I wish I'd never looked in that damn toilet now - I've completely forgot what I was going to blog about :-s

On a completely different tangent, I found this book at m'mam's last weekend. How fab is this?
Cooking IS Fun (notice, no exclamation mark to lighten the mood) YOU WILL ENJOY IT! (That's
my imaginary sub-heading)