Wednesday 15th March 2013

An epic week and it's only Wednesday!

Yesterday I felt like I was in an episode of Ice Road Truckers as I travelled to work in Felixstowe. When I got there it felt more like an episode of Grange Hill.

Before leaving for work I ODd on the multi vitamin supplements that I take. In fact, I insist we all take them: Well Woman for me; Well Man for Rob; Well Toddler for Bethan and Well Baby for James (it's ironic really because I came home last night from work not feeling particularly 'well'). If they did Well Scraggy Old Cat, I would give some to Smurf too.

Actually, I didn't OD as much as double up by mistake; the only trouble is that it was the Well Man vitamin that I doubled up on. I'm not sure how. I must have been that stressed yesterday morning that I failed to take much interest in the colour co-ordinated, day-labelled pill box that I bought to avoid these type of things happening again.

I spent most of yesterday worrying that I might grow an Adam's Apple or even worse, some wiry chest hair (like I said it had been a rough morning, I was tired and very stressed).

Also on my mind yesterday, for some reason, is the mass marketing ploy with regards to toilet roll paper and the national debate as to whether you scrunch or fold.

Personally I am just relieved that someone has remembered to put toilet paper on the loo roll holder thingy mi jig. I can't list the amount of times I've had a loo break whilst the kids have been distracted only to discover that the wooden tube has a scrap of paper on it.

If I ask Bethan to bring me some more loo roll, she is most obliging and often brings something like her Toy Story 2 DVD instead and says, "You're welcome mummy". Then I am reminded that she has only just turned 3 and is wearing pull ups. Never mind; one day she too will discover the awkwardness of the predicament that I often find myself in.

At the moment she is sharing our bed with me so as not to disturb Rob whilst he holds our resident's meeting. Dennis Skinner, eat your heart out!