Wednesday 16th January 2013

Fed up of being ill and having no voice. Fed up of Rob seeming to be happy with this new status quo. Fed up with trying to explain to Bethan via hand gestures why she has been put on the naughty step. It's like Give us a Clue but with more angst and noise.

I'm most fed up about not being able to speak to my friends without a) It hurting or b) Sounding like Deirdre Barlow. So I've done the fatal thing in the desperate hope of hearing some adult conversation without having to verbally answer back and been reading through parent forums on some well-known parenting websites.

I can feel my brain screaming at my finger as it's about to click on the "what can I feed my child?" link: "DON'T DO IT!!! YOU ALREADY FEEL LIKE CRAP!!!"

(Side thought - I've often thought about what type of response I would get if I wrote, "well, I give my two LO (that's 'little one' in parenting forum speak) deep fried Mars Bar, chips, gravy and a side of common sense").

Seriously, if you are a first time parent and you looked at this link, by the time you've read the advice in the discussion which was about 10 pages long and involved about 50 mothers, you would think, "Right, I'd better feed my child nothing". Every food group or suggestion was undermined or came with a health hazard at one point.

I know the worries of weaning; especially when your child's lost the end of her bowel and you've been told by consultants that she might not ever do a solid poo or run out of Vitamin B12 by the time they are 7.

I credit Annabel Karmel with making sure that 99.9% of my daughter's poos are solid and admire how her own journey to being a paediatric nutritionist began. When I finally got to meet her at a mother and baby show, I started crying; I hugged her and said, "This must be how a teenager feels when they meet Justin Beiber". At which point the burned tyre tracks from the double buggy were evident outside the AK stand. Rob and the kids did one; they were nowhere to be seen.