Tuesday 1st January 2013

Happy New Year!

And here it is, the inevitable list of resolutions that a lot of us set ourselves; especially bloggers. They need to be SMART targets (Small Manageable Attainable Realistic Targets - another wonderful teaching acronym), or we may not meet our full potential in the future. (I can hear some Senior Manager talking in my head right now and I'm still on bloody maternity leave. AARRGGHH! Next thing you know, I will be asking my family to highlight their targets with a luminous pen to see if they have achieved it).

Rob's Resolution (I haven't discussed this with him yet so hopefully, by the time this is published, he will have agreed)

1. To stop sniggering when I bring out a butternut squash from either the cupboard or the shopping bag and saying, "Mother Nature has a dirty mind". Yes, yes we all know that the aforesaid vegetable has a phallic shape to it but is it really mother nature that has the dirty mind?

James' Resolution

1. To keep being extremely cute and cuddly and loving and.... (as well as limiting the amount of toys he throws from his highchair to two; at a push, maybe three).

Bethan's Resolution

1. Alas, the Christmas miracle never happened; Bethan is still running around with the potty on her head so I hope that by the summer she will be able to sit on it. Ok, ok, potty training needs to start in earnest. I keep hoping that she will turn around and say, "Mummy, I need a wee. May I use the potty?", but now the New Year hangover is subsiding, I realise that yes, that is a pipe dream.

Liz's ResolutionS

1. Keep off the complex carbs.
2. Find out how many units of alcohol a woman needs in one week.
3. Start yoga again in the hope of being bendy.
4. Buy a Cath Kidston bag.
*5. Stop having a meltdown when one of my children get sick.

(*On Christmas Day, the thermometer test sent me loopy when James' temperature went sky high and he was taken into hospital. The waiting for tests; the waiting for results; the waiting for his hourly obs and the evasive answers of staff were all a little too reminiscent of 3 years ago. But it's the smell and the beeping noises that are the worse. They really remind me of what it was like living on a neonatal unit for 17 days. When he was discharged on Boxing Day I also felt the elation that I experienced when Bethan was finally discharged).

6. And I really don't care if Resolution Number 6 is a cliche but I am going to make sure that everyday I am thankful for the family and friends that I have been blessed with.

2013 - BRING IT ON!!!!! :-)