Sunday 13th January 2013

Still unwell and still convalescing; still no voice and still no bloody sign of my hot toddy!

Poor Rob - I can hear carnage downstairs and repeats of Toy Story Two.

One of the benefits of being ill is the ability to watch all the crappy stuff that you can't normally watch on a day-to-day basis. I'm not saying I don't like 'Titanic', it's a complete weeper which is ideal when you want an excuse for a good old cry.

Thinking about the film reminded me that our freezer needs defrosting (this is what happens when you are ill, delirious and watching DiCaprio and co).

Sticking hands down toilets and giving them a good scrub-no problems.

Getting the marigolds on to pick out gooey long ginger hair from the plug holes - piece of cake.

Defrosting the freezer - are you crazy? That requires tonnes of planning, especially with all of the fresh food that I've frozen (?) and the fact that our kitchen was designed by Barratts who aren't really synonymous with fine architecture and planning. The position of our fridge-freezer behind the kitchen door certainly wasn't one of their finer moments (actually, I'm not sure that Barratts have ever had a fine moment).

No, there's only one thing for it. When I'm up to it and before I leave for Paris, I'll get out a hammer and chisel; that should sort it out.